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Experts forum

The Experts Forum is formed by independent personalities from different nationalities, belonging to the academic world and socioeconomic research, with no occupational or mercantile relation further than their participation in this Forum.

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Experts forum
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The Experts Forum is formed by independent personalities from different nationalities, belonging to the academic world and socioeconomic research, with no occupational or mercantile relation further than their participation in this Forum.

The role that The Experts Forum will play in both Mi Jubilación and its BBVA Pensions Institute section are the following:

  • On one side, they will lead and develop the assignments and research related to social security affairs, in order to issue contributions with scientific base that will enrich the acknowledge of this subject.
  • On the other side, they will spread this conclusions among the society in order to contribute the acknowledge and transparency about the mechanism and the challenge that out pensions system represents.

As a disclaimer, all the works, opinions, conclusions and/or recommendations issued by The Experts Forum belong independently to their members, in no case compromising BBVA Group, further than the divulgation of the potential quoted works through the different channels and initiatives belonging to Mi Jubilación and BBVA Pensions Insitute.

By last, The Forum counts with the support of BBVA Research, on which rests the labor related to investigation and secretarial functions.

Members of the Experts Forum

José Antonio Herce San Miguel. Presidente de Foro

José Antonio Herce Foro de Expertos Instituto BBVA PensionesBachelor’s degree and PhD in Economy at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), MA in Economy at Essex University (England). Currently Associate Professor in Economy at Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Between the positions held, we can highlight that he was Executive Director at FEDEA, Associate Professor in Juan March Studies and Research Institute and Visitor Professor at Mexico’s College. He also belonged to the administrative body from the European Union Commission.

By last, as professional with responsibility in the consultant enterprise Analistas Financieros Internacionales (International Financial Analysts), enterprise advisor, enterprises associations and public administrations in all the previous mentioned subjects.

Mercedes Ayuso

Mercedes Ayuso Foro de Expertos Instituto BBVA de PensionesShe is professor at Actuarial Statistics at Barcelona University (Spain), PhD at Economic and Business Sciences (Extraordinary Prize), and Actuarial Insurances. Full member of Financial and Insurance investigation group (Riskcenter-UB). In between her most relevant lines of investigation, it’s distinguished the elderly and dependence risk analysis, topics published in the most recognized national and international scientific magazines.

She has lead different public projects at the Economy and Competitiveness Ministry. Member of the Experts committee named by the government in order to define the sustainability factor of the public pensions system. She has appeared in several time in front of the non-permanent commission for the tracing and evaluation of Toledo’s Pact of the Deputies Congress (Spanish Government). Coordinator of Official Master in Actuarial and Financial Sciences, co-director of Master in Insurance and Financial Entities Management, both in Barcelona University (Spain).

Jorge Bravo

Jorge Bravo Foro de Expertos Instituto BBVA de PensionesProfessor in Finances and Economy at Information Management School of Nova University (Portugal). Phd in Economics “cum laude” at Evora University (Portugal), Master in Monetary and Financial Economics “cum laude” at Technical Lisboa University (Portugal). Bachelor’s degree in Economics distinguished as the best alumni of the year at Evora University (Portugal)

He is director of Markets and Financial Risk Master and co-director of Laws and Financial Markets Master, as well as member of Investigation and development Center MagIC. Coordinator of the Biometric Risks Observatory for Portugal’s insured population, belonging to the Portuguese Insurance Association. He is an insurance Actuary and member of the International Actuarial Association (Mortality and Population Issues Working Groups).

He is advisor of the Portuguese Statistics Institution, Finance and Social Cecurity Ministries in the evaluation of the public pensions systems in Portugal. He works as a consultant for insurance companies and pensions funds in actuarial studies, and the constitution of the prospective mortality table.

Elisa Chuliá

Elisa Chuliá Foro de Expertos Instituto BBVA de PensionesAfter her graduation as Magister Artium in Communication, Germanistic and History at Johannes Gutenberg of Maguncia University (Germany) and her entitlement as Master in Social Sciences at the Juan March Institute for Studies and Investigation (Spain), she got a PhD in Political Sciences and Sociology at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain). She is associate professor of the Political Sciences and Sociology Faculty at UNED (Spain), where she was dean in 2007 and 2011.

In 2005 she entered the FUNCAS investigators group, and coordinates the publishing of “Panorama Social” and “Focus on Spanish Society” through the Social Studies direction she presides. Most of her investigations are focused on the social and political challenges facing elderly and, more specifically, in the pension systems reforms through an occidental wellness context. Due to this referred work, she has participated on many national and international project and has published monographic and magazine content.

Robert Holzmann

Robert Holzmann Foro de Expertos Instituto BBVA de PensionesAfter his MBA at Graz University (Austria), Robert Holzmann achieved a PhD in Economy at Vienna’s University (Austria), with complementary studies at Grenoble (France) and Bristol (England). He was also part of the Development Executive Program at Harvard University (United States).

He is currently the Associate Professor for the Old Age Financial protection Cathedra at Malaya University (Malasia), the honorary Cathedra at New South Wales University (Australia) and, since 2014, was chosen academician at Austria Science Academy (Austria). He is also Senior Advisor at the World Bank.

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